2015 ~ A Year in Review

2015 ~ A Year in Review

A lot has happened in 2015. So many big events, so many big changes. I could easily say that 2015 has been one of the most eventful years that I can remember having. That’s not to say there weren’t some low events throughout the year, and things I will miss that have moved on from my life. But there’s so much that has come from this year, and taking a moment to look back through it all and remember just how far I have come as a person, and how far this blog has come, is just astounding. Here’s a look at what’s happened.


I got engaged AND married in the same year!

163 EDIT

I found a new hobby that I love!

394 EDIT

I’ve started exploring the state I live in more, and found a new favorite place to hike and relax.

077 EDIT

Little Owyn made his debut on the blog!

Veterinary Love

I left my old job of 3 years and am now working for Trupanion, which I really enjoy.

What. A. Year! And that’s not all!

☮ I’ve started playing Magic the Gathering again (thank gods!)
☮ St. Patrick’s day was actually spent in Ireland this year.
☮ This blog FINALLY became self hosted (which I’m still very much learning the ropes with).
☮ I’ve reconnected with old friends that I never thought I’d see again, as well as made new awesome friends.
☮ I’m baking, cooking, and creating more. Not to mention my photography has really improved.
☮ Thom is living with me. ACTUALLY living with me, not just visiting!

It still amazes me how much has happened and all the things that have changed and are still changing. It’s always good to take a moment to reflect and see where things have lead you. This year, I’m pretty happy with. Next year, I have high hopes for. Big goals and plans, big events expected to happen, and I’m sure big things that I’m not even aware of yet.

It’s gonna be a big, amazing year. I can feel it.

How was your 2015?


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