Goals for 2016

Goals for 2016

With 2015 behind us, we start to look towards the new year and what it’s going to have in store for us. Many people have started on their New Year’s Resolutions list. I personally am not a fan of the whole “new year, new me” thing. I prefer to think of it in terms of it’s a new year to start fresh on making myself a better person. Another year to try and make life better than the year before, and the year before that one. Rather than throw out the person I was last year in order to make room for a “newer model” me, I’d much rather remember the good things about myself and help nurture those things that make me, me.

So to start the year off on a positive foot, I put together a list of goals that I would like to accomplish by the end of the year that I think will not only nurture my life and help it to flourish in a positive way, but it will help enrich my life and make it feel worth living to the fullest. Not to mention, help me love myself more and more.

Take 10,000 photos ~ Photography is one thing that I’m growing more and more passionate about. The one thing my photography skills are still faltering in is actually using manual settings. I feel that I take really good photos on the many settings that my camera has available to me, but I’d really love to be able to naturally use the manual settings to get the perfect shots. This goal is more one of practice and not just taking as many pictures as possible. Achieving this goal means taking my camera out more and actually using it. And to make this goal a bit more challenging, I’ve added take at least 10 amazing photos a month to this goal. Those pictures with the amazing lighting or just the right composure that just makes a photo better than average. Hopefully by the end of the year, those photos will be a lot more common.

Build the blog more ~ Last year, I finally achieved my goal of moving to my own self-hosted blog. Something I’ve wanted for a couple of years. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to really make this blog everything I hoped it would be and more. This includes nailing down the design to exactly how I want it and becoming more consistent in putting up new posts. This year I hope to put up at least 120 new posts on the blog. That’s only 10 posts a month on average, but I know sometimes I fall behind. Hopefully with this goal pushing me to keep going, I won’t fall behind and I’ll get better at posting more often and consistently on the blog.

Lose 50 lbs. by October ~ This one has a little bit more of a time limit because October is when Thom and I have our spiritual wedding ceremony. If you remember, we got legally married in a court last November, but that was not by any means our actual wedding. With the visa being what it is, we didn’t want to plan the actual wedding until we were together and able to plan it right. Well, that’s happening in October of this year and I’ve got some weight to lose before that happens. Losing the weight is just going to be the result of many other goals I have, including eating more consciously, exercising more, and being “more natural”. I want to be more aware of the things I’m putting in my body and also cooking home cooked meals rather than processed, store bought foods. Exercising is a must, and this is one that Thom is more than willing to help me out with because he wants to exercise more as well. Yay workout buddies! And lastly, being “more natural” which is sort of like being all natural, but not quite there. Pintrest has instilled this one in me and it’s a good thing. I’d love to get farther and farther away from chemicals and processed everythings. This year I want to really make the move in the right direction to becoming all natural, but I do not expect myself to do it all in one year. So this year, I want to become “more natural” and maybe next year’s goal will be to finish it up and go completely all natural.

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Read at least 6 new books ~ I am a typical bookworm in the fact that I have a LOT of books, many of which I haven’t read yet. I’ll be reading one book when I go out and buy a couple more, and then a couple more after that. I used to read all the time, but this past year I’ve really fallen away from reading. So this year, I want to at least make a dent in all the unread books I have and start reading again. Most likely it’ll be nightly reading before bed, which is a great way to wind down from the day and avoid electronics before bed.

Take at least one awesome roadtrip ~ A road trip needs to happen. It just has to. Other than my trips to see Thom in Ireland, I haven’t done any big trips and I don’t even remember the last time I went camping, which NEEDS to change this year. I have a couple of trips in mind already, and since my new job has paid vacation, I’m sure traveling won’t be a problem this year. I’m very excited for this year and all the adventures that are sure to happen.

Explore 10 new places/hikes ~ Washington has some amazing hidden gems all over just waiting to be discovered. Last year I found places like the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge and the Sesqualitchew Creek Trail. This year I hope to travel around the state more and find plenty of new favorite places to share with everyone.

2016 is sure to be an amazing year. Looking back on last year and all that has been accomplished, I’m excited to look ahead at what may be coming our way and how life may shift and change through the year. These goals will be a steady reminder of personal things I want to accomplish and to make sure that I take time from my sometimes hectic life to focus on myself and the person I want to be.

What are some goals you have for the year ahead?


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