Frost & Fog of January

Frost & Fog of January

Since the start of the new year, it seems winter has really started to settle in. Days and nights are growing much colder, frost lasts most of the day in some places, and that eerie cold fog is sometimes so thick you can’t see more than a couple dozen yards in front of you. The frost & fog together really brings the winter feel back, and just reminds us that it’s time to stay indoors around the fire drinking hot chocolate and cuddling up with our loved ones, human and furry alike. Even my cats seem to be more cuddly and cute.

The other day was one such foggy and frosty day, but it was also really sunny out. So we decided to take advantage of the sun and go for a nice walk. But boy was it cold! Even with multiple layers, gloves and scarves it was still quite chilly. Luckily there was no wind or else we would not have lasted as long as we did. There were few other people out in the cold, not that we could see very far with all the fog. It was quiet and calm all around. Peaceful. It had been a little while since we’d been able to really get out in the sun, and this little walk around the neighborhood was just what we needed. Some fresh air and sunshine does a body good, especially in the wintertime when there’s not much sun and many days are spent indoors.

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Once we got to the small lake not far from the apartment, we spent some time with the ducks who seemed to be skating across the frozen surface. I felt bad for them and their poor feet, but Thom told me a little fun fact that I wasn’t aware of: Duck’s feet don’t have any nerves or blood vessels, so they don’t feel the cold on them. I thought that was pretty interesting and made me feel better about them walking around on the ice. Their little webbed feet slipping and sliding around as they walked. They were surprisingly mean to each other, a few of them kept biting at some of the other’s tail feathers, making them slip as they tried to quickly get away. Poor ducks.

There were some kids and families all around the lake, skipping rocks along the frozen surface, making the ice ring with an eerie sound as the rocks bounced along. If you’ve never done it, you should try skipping rocks along a frozen lake if you get the chance this winter. It’s a very interesting sound, echoing and reverberating around. You can also get a similar result if you take a long, whip of a branch and whack it against the surface, as we noticed from another little kid across the lake doing just that.

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These images are interesting. I was taking one of the other fence photos above while Thom was messing with the ice on the fence. If you look straight on at the fence, you can’t see the design (except if you cross your eyes you can kinda see the image). But if you look at the section of fence at an angle, you can see the design he drew. I love my husband. 🙂

All in all, it was a really nice walk that we took. The fog and sun really set an enchanting atmosphere that we both really enjoyed, and it was nice to just get out of the house and enjoy a walk. There’s not a lot of times during the winter when that happens, weather that’s not too cold or wet to just have a simple walk. It was welcomed.


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