Accommodating Our Newborn

Accommodating Our Newborn

Life accommodating a newborn is a whole new game.

Our life was no exception. Though we tried to plan and be ready as much as possible, you can never be completely ready for that bundle of joy to arrive. And even now, two months in, we’re still not ready.

Every day brings new experiences, new questions, new worries. But we’re figuring it out, together.

One of those things being trying to find a rhythm, a schedule that works for everyone. Something that will give me time in my day to do what needs to be done around the house and have a little me time, but also be able to give our son all the love and affection (and feedings) that he needs. It all boils down to compromise.

How to Accommodate a Newborn

As I sit here typing the first post I’ve written in I don’t even know how long, he’s napping here beside me. Close enough that I can tend to him if he starts to fuss, but in his own space so he can nap comfortably and in peace.

When it’s time to do laundry (which is a real chore since we have a shared laundry facility downstairs and not an in unit washer and dryer), I strap him into our Infantino baby carrier and we do it together. That way I can still get the clothes washed, but I don’t have to worry about leaving him in the apartment alone. Plus, he loves going for walks while strapped close to one of us.

If I’ve had a particularly rough day, my husband will strap him into the carrier and take care of the dishes I couldn’t get to, or bounce him in his little bouncy seat until he falls asleep.

It’s all about working together

My husband and I are a team. I take care of our son during the nighttime feedings so my husband can get plenty of rest for work. Then while he’s at work, I continue to take care of our son, while managing to do a little around the house during the day or get a grocery shop in. Once my husband is home from work, he takes over most of the care so that I can get a little break and they can have some bonding time.

It takes two people to make a baby, and it should be two people that take care of it. Find a way to split the care between each other. It’s not only going to be so important for you to get plenty of rest and much needed breaks, but it’s good for the baby, too, so that he will always be getting the best of you both.

The housework isn’t going anywhere

There were days when I would feel so upset if I couldn’t get the dishes done or the laundry washed before my husband was off work. Like I somehow failed as a stay at home mom for the day.

That’s not what’s important!

Your child is now (or should be) the most important thing needing your attention. The dishes will be there. The laundry will be there. Get to them as you can. If your baby is being super fussy for a couple days, then spend the time with him and don’t worry about the housework. It’ll be there when you have a chance to get to them.

There are no “perfect” parents

Some stay at home parents can manage to take care of multiple kids, keep the house spotless, have dinner on the table by 6 o’clock, and the kids in bed by 9 o’clock every single day of the week. And somehow they manage to do it with a smile all day.

I’m definitely not one of those parents.

There are days when the laundry basket is overflowing, the kitchen is full of only dirty dishes, and the trash is just begging to be taken out. And I’m stuck holding a screaming baby while trying not to scream myself.

And that’s perfectly okay.

Everyone parents differently. What works for one family might not work for another. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to that golden ideal of parenthood. Have goals, definitely. But as long as your baby is well cared for, that’s all that should matter.

Accommodating a newborn into your life can be tough. It’s taken a lot of trial and error before we’ve gotten to a place where I felt like I could sit down to start writing this out. But we’re finally getting into the swing of things (sort of) and I’m excited to say that I’ll be able to write more.

There’s been a lot of ideas brewing that I’ve been dying to share with you. Pregnancy stories and advice. My journey into motherhood. Cosplay. Spirituality and how I plan to share it with my son. And so much more.

Join me on my adventure as my story continues.

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