About the Author

About the Author

Who am I?

I’m just like you. All of you. I’m a citizen of this earth. One who is trying to make a life for herself just like every other human on this planet. Unlike most creatures of the earth, it doesn’t come easily. Having to work, make money, pay for things that nature provides for us freely. Every day being told what to wear, what to drink, where to eat. People everywhere telling us what we can + can’t do. Who we can love.


Well, I like to live beyond all that. Choosing to live as naturally as I can after being raised like most children. Just like everyone else. I’m trying to detox myself of common chemicals, common thoughts, common habits. To live beyond what the media + society tell me to.

This involves spending a lot of my free time either outside or learning about more ways to better myself + my life. And I want to be able to share all of that with all of you, so that hopefully I can help others achieve the same in their own lives.

A little about me

I’m a mom to a wonderful newborn boy + wife to his amazing father. In my free time (ha, what’s that?) I enjoy playing video games like Skyrim, watching shows like Doctor Who, or reading books by authors like Laurell K Hamilton or Kelly Armstrong. I’m spiritual by nature, leaning on pagan + buddhist beliefs. Respecting Mother Nature as she provides for us all. I’m also a photographer for Whimsikal Wolf Photography.

Most of all I love adventures. Being able to get away from the daily grind, the big cities + loud crowds. To just relax in nature + get back to our roots for a few days. It’s truly the best feeling.

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Life is ultimately what you make of it. The experiences you have + the time you share with others. Which is what this blog is about. Sharing life with each other. Building those relationships + experiences. Sharing in the world around us.

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